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SCI 10: Chemistry: Chemistry: Periodic Trends

Periodic Trends

General Chemistry Websites

CK-12: Chemistry lessons

Bozeman Science: Chemistry Videos page 

Crash Course: Chemistry Chemistry News

Smart Searching

   Search Tips:

  • Combine Keywords such as a scientific term and a current issue in science to create a "search string" 
  • Search for exact phrases by putting quotations marks around them, for example: "atomic radius"
  • Search for files and scans using " filetype:pdf" 
  • Limit results by domain: .gov  .edu  .pe 
  • Limit to terms in the title of a site or article with "intitle:"
  • Weed out irrelevant results by using a minus sign in front the word(s) that are mucking up the search
  • Get all versions of a word with truncation (*) For example: Child* 
  • Get variations of a word with wild cards (?) For example: Analy?e

Sample Search String:

  • "amnesty international"    iran   intitle:execution*    site:http://.gov    "cultur* impact"    -oil

Make a game of it. Try BOOLIFY - a puzzle-style google search

The Periodic Table

Study Jams Periodic table videos

Simple English Wikipedia: Periodic Table

Kahn Academy: Periodic Table videos

Interactive Periodic Table

BrainPOP (if needed, password HERE)

BBC: Periodic Table quizzes


Periodic Trends

Khan Academy: Periodic Trends videos

Libre Texts: Periodic Trends

ATOMIC RADIUS: The size of an atom; measured from the center of the nucleus to the outside of the electron cloud

CK-12 activities

IONIZATION ENERGY: The minimum amount of energy required to remove an electron

CK-12 activities

Kahn Academy videos

ELECTRO-NEGATIVITY: The measure of the tendency of an atom to attract a bonding pair of electrons

CK-12 activities

Kahn Academy videos