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DP: Tracking a Columnist: Tracking a Columnist

Resources for Lang & Lit "Tracking a Columnist" project

Course Resources

Read and analyze columns by an op-ed columnist of your choice, reflecting on the author’s language and style.

Track this professional writer with the aim to understand how s/he uses rhetorical strategies to construct meaning.

Task Sheets

Writing about Writing

MLA Citation Tool

Examining the News

All Sides video explanation

News Sources

Password Doc, if needed

Flipster digital magazines - search all back issues

EBSCO NewsSource - create alert option

Opposing Viewpoints - see "newspapers" or "magazines" in results


The New York Times - log in with amersol, get group pass HERE, video help HERE

Washington Post - limited access

Boston Globe - limited access

LA Times

The Guardian

Financial Times


The New Yorker - Flipster access

The Atlantic - Flipster access

National Review - Flipster access

Curation Tools

Follow the columnist on all social media platforms s/he uses as well as any blogs s/he writes.

Use aggregators to gather up news about the columnist or recently posted articles.