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DP History: DP History


Your work in DP History requires scholarly and primary sources. Please use the resources here before googling

  • If you find other sources to recommend, please let us know HERE.
  • Use the "Units" tab to see resources for specific historical events.


Ms Defer & Mrs Ducharme


Here's the link to NYT Group Pass page (not digital pass, sorry, wrong info in the video)

FDR MS/HS Library YouTube Channel

Databases for History

FDR Library Password Doc

History Reference Center, via EBSCO

Advanced Placement Source, via EBSCO

Questia School - Browse by historical topic

  • Don't have an account? Get one with Mrs. Ducharme


JSTOR - Best for searching (not browsing)

See: Inside History, magazine via Flipster by EBSCO

Curating Sources

Why Paperpile?

  • Save your resources
  • Sort and share with others
  • Cite within your paper and create a Works Cited page

General Resources

  • Browse the collections from the Wilson Center for documents from various historical events

  • Duke University presents consumer culture from 1911 to 1955 through a wide variety of newspaper ads for products ranging from dental supplies to radio tubes.

Search Tips

   Search Tips:

  • Identify Key Words: Write out questions, circle necessary words, anticipate words in the answer
  • Use Booleans to narrow or broaden your search (And, Or, Not)
  • Use truncation (*) to catch more results (for example: creat* will bring create, creation, creating...)
  • Use quotation marks to keep exact phrases together ("Florida Marlins")
  • Use wildcards (?) to catch various spellings or meanings (wom?n brings woman and women)
  • Use a minus sign to filter out irrelevant results (-fish)
  • Filter results with "Search Tools" in Google
  • Search for files and scans using " filetype:pdf" in a search
  • Limit results by domain, such as .gov  .edu  .pe 
  • Limit to terms in the title of a site or article with "intitle:"

Sample Search String:

  • "amnesty international"    iran   intitle:execution*    site:http://.gov    "cultur* impact"    -oil

Using Google? Choose Advanced Search

Build a search string with Boolify - a puzzle-style google search