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DP: Death and the Maiden: Death and the Maiden

A literature guide for the play Death and the Maiden, taught in DP Literature


Death and the Maiden: Trailer 1994, Directed by Roman Polanski

Movie Trailer: "No" (about a resistance effort to Pinochet's presidency accomplished through advertising)

New York Times article and video about "No"


Paper 2 Questions to Consider

How do two literary works both reflect and challenge the spirit of the times in which they were written?

It could be argued that in some societies or cultures women are at a disadvantage to men or even actively discriminated against. To what degree is this evident in the way women are represented in at least two of the works you have studied?

It is often said that literature is a voice for social commentary. How is this true of at least two works that you have read

To what extent can the meaning of a literary work change over time? How does this question apply to at least two works that you have read?

To what degree are readers influenced by their culture and context. Explain how at least two works could be read differently depending on the culture of their audience.

To what extent could the works you have studied be considered works of protest?

In what ways may a work's stylistic features add to or detract from its popularity over time?

Show how belief or faith is represented in at least two literary works and discuss how this aspect might be interpreted or understood in different historical, cultural, or social contexts.

Literary works often show men and women struggling to resolve problems and not succeeding very well. To what degree do you find this to be true in at least two works you have studied?

**How valid is the assertion that literature is a voice for the oppressed?