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SCI 8: Energy: Gr 8: Energy Home

What Resources will meet the needs of the 21st Century?

Examine the implications of one type of energy on our world. 

Consider the impact of this type of energy using at least TWO of the following issues:

  • Political 
  • Cultural 
  • Economic
  • Environmental
  • Ethical / Moral
  • Societal

Create either a video or comic that presents your ideas clearly.

Your video or comic will include either an infographic or a graph to show the data you collected from your data table.

See the Presentation tab for more information about how to present your information

Research Tools

Guided Cornell Notes Templates - forced copy

Storyboard - forced copy - Complete before beginning your comic or video

Rewordify: Copy/paste complicated text and get easier words

Site Evaluation Tool:

  • C - Currency
  • R - Relevance
  • A - Authority
  • A - Accuracy
  • P - Purpose