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HUM 7: Peruvian Rainforest: Peruvian Rainforest

An examination of the social and scientific issues facing the Peruvian rainforest

Essential Questions

  • What damage is being caused to Peru's rainforest region?
  • What is causing this damage?
  • What is currently being done to solve the problem?
  • What are the obstacles that will make solutions difficult?

Key Understandings

Understand the causes of rainforest deforestation in Peru.

Understand the kinds of impact does deforestation has:

  • Examples of social impact?
  • Examples of environmental impact?
  • Examples of economic impact?

All Key Vocabulary

Artisanal (gold miners) - Miners who work independently, not for a mining company

Board feet - A unit of measurement for how much timber (wood) has been cut

Capital - Money

Coca - Leaves that can be processed to make the drug cocaine

Cocoa - Beans that can be processed to make chocolate

Colonists - People who take over another country or area

Cultivation - The act of helping something grow (cultivators - those who help something grow)

Degraded / degradation - To lose health; to become worse

Export - To sell and send out products to another country

Exponential growth - A math concept; growth that increases at greater and greater rates

Feasibility - The study of whether or not something is possible, especially in the long-term

Felled trees - Trees that have been cut down

Import - To receive and buy products from another country

Indigenous - Native to a place; can refer to plants, animals, people who are originally from a particular location

Laundering - To clean; in the case of "money laundering" to "clean" money  or make it impossible to tell whether money has come from illegal activity

Primary / virgin forest - Original plant growth in an area

Secondary forest - Plants that have grown up after original forest has been removed somehow

Small-scale farming - A farm that is not part of a company; a farmer working independently

Yield - The amount of something that can be sold or used

Assignment Links

More resources are found in this doc.

Science: Land Use Conflict Reading (tip: choose "Tools" > "View Document outline")

Twig Videos

Twig videos HERE (from home, use links HERE)

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  • Ecosystem Management: tropical rainforests
  • Palm Oil: The biofuel of the future?


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