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SCI 8: Evolution: Evolution Guide

Your Task: Make a claim & support it!

  1. State your claim (Ex: I do not believe a dog is more like a whale than a shark)
    • Give evidence to support your claim
    • Analyze data used to arrive at your claim
  2. Predict how the organism will adapt
    • Support your prediction with evidence
  3. Answer through analysis: How will the predicted adaptation help the organism fit its niche better?
    • Competition?
    • Reproduction?
    • Adaptive and/or structural behavior?
    • Genetic drift / gene pool?
    • Genetic population?
    • Convergent or divergent evolution?
    • Geologic Age -- time period?‚Äč

Source Evaluation

CRAAP Checklist

Currency: When was the information written? 

Relevance: Is the information suitable for your information need?

Authority: Who wrote the information? What do you know about him/her?

What level of expertise does the writer have?

Accuracy: How accurate is the information? Do other sources say the same?

Purpose: Why is this information published? Is it selling something? 

Trying to convince you of something? Giving information only?


Scientific Vocabulary

Know these terms & use them in your project

  • Adaptive Behavior
  • Anatomical Homologies
  • Apex predator
  • Biological Competition
  • Cladogram
  • Convergent Evolution
  • Divergent Evolution
  • Embryological Development
  • Fossil
  • Founder's Effect
  • Gene Pool
  • Genetic Drift
  • Genetic Population
  • Homologies
  • Keystone species
  • Natural selection
  • Phylogenetic Tree 
  • Radioactive Dating