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HUM 9-10: Humanities 9

Humanities 9

Password Doc for Databases

Recommended for this project:

  • Britannica
  • History Reference Center
  • Newspaper Source (EBSCO)
  • New York Times (obituaries)

Boolean Searching

Create search strings with Boolify

Try Boolean Operators:

Sample Search String:

  • "amnesty international"    iran   intitle:execution*    site:http://.gov    "cultur* impact"    -oil

Using Google? Choose Advanced Search

Build a search string with Boolify - a puzzle-style google search

Biography Links

Search Tips

   Search Tips:

  • Identify Key Words: Write out questions, circle necessary words, anticipate words in the answer
  • Use Booleans to narrow or broaden your search (And, Or, Not)
  • Use truncation (*) to catch more results (for example: creat* will bring create, creation, creating...)
  • Use quotation marks to keep exact phrases together ("Florida Marlins")
  • Use wildcards (?) to catch various spellings or meanings (wom?n brings woman and women)
  • Use a minus sign to filter out irrelevant results (-fish)
  • Filter results with "Search Tools" in Google
  • Search for files and scans using " filetype:pdf" in a search
  • Limit results by domain, such as .gov  .edu  .pe 
  • Limit to terms in the title of a site or article with "intitle:"

Finding Books

Do we have a book about your historical figure?

Check the Library Catalog

Biographies are organized by the last name of the subject

(Abraham Lincoln = B Lincoln)

Do we have a book about a key event related to your historical figure?

Finding Nonfiction books

These are organized by Dewey number (numbers for specific subjects)

900s = History (organized by region of the world and then by time period)