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ENG 9: I-Search: ENG 9: Journalism

A guide for understanding the issues of Source Evaluation and resources for research.

Assignment Resouces

Your Task:

  • Identify a global issue
  • Write two articles about the issue
    • a feature
    • an Op-Ed  

Curating Sources

Why Paperpile?

  • Save your resources
  • Sort and share with others
  • Cite within your paper and create a Works Cited page

Using Opposing Viewpoints

Using Points of View

News Organizations

Compare coverage of the same topic: Can you detect a bias?

The Guardian


Al Jazeera


The New York Times (free access on campus, link with amersol)

NPR (National Public Radio)

NewsELA - easier articles

Additional Resources

Play "Facticious" to see if you can spot the FAKE news!