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ENG 9: Lord of the Flies: Lord of the Flies Guide

A guide to support comprehension and context of Lord of the Flies

Visualize it

"Piggy Lord Of The Flies | Tumblr" N. p., 2016. Web. 4 Sept. 2016.

"Feral Pigs Creating Problems For Farmers, Other Wildlife". Usa N. p., 2016. Web. 1 Sept. 2016.

Why this guide?

Appreciating literature is not about knowing what happens in a story. It goes deeper than that. This guide helps you understand the plot, characters, setting, and themes so you can build deeper understandings and connections.

Use the resources here as you read Lord of the Flies to hone your literary analysis skills.

Your teacher will assume you know the story. The question is: What do you THINK about the story? What does the story say about our common humanity? 

Videos for Background Information

Via the BBC

William Golding, talking about his writing of Lord of the Flies

Video Analysis

John Green's Crash Course. How much do you agree?

Video Summary

Plot Summary (9:18)

Spoiler Alert! Only watch this if you are ok with knowing the ending!

Audiobook versions

Chapter-by-chapter links (start with #1 then search)


Study Guides

Study Guides work best after reading each chapter. They enhance your understanding and give explanations for confusing parts of the novel. Never use study guides as replacements for reading the text.

Novel Study Steps:

  • Read the chapter, then review a summary of the chapter to reinforce what you read.
  • When reading, track symbols, motifs, and themes, then review study guides to compare references you found and those you didn't notice.

Guides for Lord of the Flies

Book Drum: Visuals, Vocabulary, and Context by chapter

LitCharts: Download and print off the guide or see interactive "theme wheel" and more

BiteSize from BBC: Videos, Pictures, Explanations

60 Second Recap: You Tube vids for various aspects of the novel (plot, themes, etc)