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SCI 10: Mining: Mining Resources

Your Task

In your essay (700+ words)...

  • explain how metallurgical techniques are applied in mining

  • explain some of the benefits and limitations of these applications

  • discuss how metallurgy and its applications interact with some of the following factors:

social, economic, political, environmental, cultural and ethical.

  • communicate scientific information effectively using scientific language correctly.

  • present all the information appropriately using symbolic and/or visual representation (i.e. chemical formulas and/or equations, diagrams of processing equipment, etc) accurately according to the task

  • acknowledge the sources of information you have accessed by attaching a bibliography

  • include a vocabulary list (like on the Template) at the end of your report.


Notetaking Template HERE (forced copy)

Reminder: Consider the BIAS of each source (What is the point of view? The purpose?)

Rubric and full task sheet HERE

Twig Videos

Outside of school, see protected access links HERE

Find your mine

SEARCH google map

Using Paperpile - in Chrome: sign in with amersol email, sync to Drive


Metallurgy Explanation via Britannica (see mini table of contents)

Password HERE

Recommended Databases

Passwords HERE

Science in Context via Gale (sync with google to save - not classroom!)

  • Good for issues and current events


Science Reference Center via EBSCO (create an account to save)

  • Good for scientific information & higher level sources

PLOS (Public Library of Science) - an open source database 

Smart Searching

Practice building Search Strings with Boolify


Identify Key Words: Write out your questions, circle necessary words, anticipate words in the answer

Use Booleans to narrow or broaden your search (And, Or, Not)

Use truncation (*) to catch more results (for example: creat* will bring create, creation, creating...)

Use quotation marks to keep exact phrases together ("Florida Marlins")

Use wildcards (?) to catch various spellings or meanings (wom?n brings woman and women)

Filter results with "Search Tools" in Google

Using Google? Choose Advanced Search

Find library books

Begin searching below or click HERE

Interactive Periodic Table