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OPP 9: Peace & Violence: Violencia & Paz


World News Sources (English)

Foreign Affairs magazine

Foreign Policy magazine

The Guardian


Al Jazeera

The Economist

The New York Times (free access on campus, link with amersol)

NPR (National Public Radio)

Your Task


News Sources

Search ALL of the news sites on the left from here:



Source Evaluation

C - Currency O - Origin
R - Relevance P - Purpose
A - Authority V - Value
A - Accuracy L - Limitations
P - Purpose


Research Tools

Note-taking in Copy Books

  • Focus Question + Source + Your paraphrase / response

Use Scrible to track, annotate, and cite sources


Search Tips

Recommended Databases

  • EBSCO (all databases)
  • Gale
    • World History
    • Informe Academico
    • Opposing Viewpoints
    • Global Issues

Library Passwords

Power Google Searching:

  • site:  ---> Search within a large website (site:
  • intitle: ---> Search for a word IN the title of a post or article (great limiter!)
  • Quotation Marks ---> Keep terms together ("Fujimori corruption")
  • Minus sign ---> Limit hits on words you don't want (Fujimori -corruption)
  • filetype: ---> Limit to a particular kind of doc (.pdf for example)

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