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PD Book Club: PD Book Club Home

The Professional Book Club hosted by the libraries at Colegio Roosevelt as part of our Roosevelt Reads! program


What can you do here?

  • Learn more about each title
  • Add resources, ideas, questions about the book you are reading
  • See past PD Book Club titles 
  • See which titles are available in Print, Digital, and Audio formats


Join us!

  • Review the nominated titles using the links above.
  • Express your interest in participating by completing this form (due September 12)
  • Read your selected book
  • Join the discussion in May/June!

What's the mission of the PD Book Club?

  • To provide access to popular and timely nonfiction readings that relate to education, wellness, personal growth, leadership, culture, society, and more.
  • To provide a forum for faculty to discuss ideas
  • To support a culture of reading among our faculty
  • To continually develop the library's professional collection 

Timeline: 2021-2022

  • September: Books ordered
    • ​Print books arrive in March
    • Kindle books arrive in October
    • The library will have a print and Sora (e-book) copy of each book as well
  • Once you get your book, read and enjoy it!
  • Optional: Add resources, thoughts, questions to your book's Padlet (see pull-down menu above)
  • March, April, May: Meet with your group informally if you'd like 
  • June 1: PD Book Club luncheon (12:30-1:30) in the MS/HS Library. Bring your lunch, book, and ideas! Treats will be supplied