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The Dark Child

The Dark Child (L'Enfant Noir)
by Camara Laye

Further Reading

Academic articles

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Compare and contrast Laye with our last author, Buchi Emecheta.


Discover the basics of negritude, including:

  • what is it & what catalyzed it
  • how did it represent an intentional paradigm shift in thinking
  • what are its key tenets - and how might this change literature


Black Past - Negritude Movement

Britannica - Negritude literary movement 
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New York Public Library - Négritude - A Brief Guide to Negritude

French Colonialism

What was the impact of French Colonialism on West Africa, particularly on Education systems and opportunities?

West Africa

Explore more about Guinean (and more generally West African) social structure, religious tradition, and gender roles