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DP Art: DP Art

A guide for the IB Diploma Program Fine Art course at Colegio Roosevelt: The American School of Lima

Collecting Art

Imagine you are traveling the world with a suitcase of ever-lasting dollars. You are collecting art for an exhibit. You collect with wild abandon at first, choosing pieces that spark your interest for some reason. Later, you will carefully curate the pieces to create a cohesive exhibition.

Your exhibition will include:

  • Pieces based on a theme

  • A variety of mediums

  • A variety of locations

  • A variety of time periods


More about Pinterest HERE

Using Pinterest

Create Pinterest boards to gather the pieces that please you. Create as many boards as you like and organize or label them as you like. From your boards, you will eventually choose pieces for two comparative studies and a virtual art expo. The first step, however, is to collect freely.

Pinterest has two parts:

  • Your page with all of your boards

  • Your feed showing posts from people you've followed


You "pin" images in two ways:

  • Directly from your feed OR
  • Directly from the web using the "pin it" button

Pinterest Steps:

  1. Create a Pinterest account (you can connect with your FB or Google)

  2. Get the Pinterest "Pin it" button for Chrome / other browsers

  3. Follow the museum boards to the right -->

Museums on Pinterest

Follow ALL of these boards to get a good flow of art into your Pinterest feed