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SCI 7: Acid Rain: Home

A guide to support grade 7 science and their study of acid rain, ocean acidification

Your Tasks

On your own:

Gather information about your topic

  • Use this research guide
  • Complete Cornell Notes

With your group:

Create a visual representation of the causes & effects of acid rain AND ocean acidification

  • Plan the layout: how should the information be arranged?
  • Consider using symbols & labels
  • Include all key terms
  • Use limited words

On your own:

Respond to questions about Acid Rain OR ocean acidification

  • Use the group's graphic organizer during the test

Acid in our Environment

How has human activity upset the imbalance of

acids and bases in our environment? 

Types of Questions we might ask:

  • Factual - What are the properties of acids and bases? How do we use the pH scale to measure acids and bases?
  • Conceptual - How does neutralization achieve balance in systems?
  • Debatable - Should human activities causing an imbalance in acids and bases be stopped?

Be able to explain how these are related to your topic:

  • Various causes of Acid Rain
  • The Carbon Cycle
  • Natural Causes
  • Industrial Causes
  • Causes from other Human Activity
  • Effects of Acid Rain on Plants, Animals, People, Buildings
  • Ocean Acidification
  • Scientific Solutions

Twig Video (in school only)

Key Terms

How many terms can you use?

  • Anthropogenic

  • Fossil fuels

  • Pollutants

  • Deposition- when chemicals like acids or bases fall to the earth's surface, can be wet (rain, sleet, snow, fog) or dry (gases, particles)

  • Acid rain

  • Ocean acidification

  • Sulfur dioxide (SO2)

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2)

  • Nitrogen oxides (NOx)

  • Particulate matter

  • Emissions

  • Ozone layer

  • Greenhouse gases

  • Cap & trade

  • Carbon sink

Glossary of terms (scroll to p. 43)