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DP: Adichie Resources: The Stories

Various contextual resources to support the reading and study of The Things Around Your Neck

Resources by Story

Think about: class system (colonial era into post-colonial era)


Possible “Paper 1” text for starting class:

Sociologist’s critique of “Orange is the New Black” (might need some editing)

Link to Powerpoint presentation

Nsukka University

Wikipedia entry. Chinua Achebe mentioned. The school’s motto is also interesting!


General Abacha

Wikipedia entry


Cults in Nigerian universities


Website of the Pyrates Cofraternity

Academic article on the cults

Think about: Masks, pan-African relationships

“Pan-Africanism” - wikipedia

The Colonization of Africa

YouTube video “A brief history of colonization of Africa”

Think about: religious background; Biafran War

All via Opposing Viewpoints: (Copy titles exactly)

  • “Nigeria’s Troubled Years” (Nigeria-Biafran war)

  • “Nigeria and the Biafran War: Ending the silence”

  • “Fifty years later, Nigeria has failed to learn from its horrific civil war”

  • “Deep political and religious rifts disrupt the harmony of Nigerian towns

Think about: Nigerian emigration (to U.S.) and/or abuses of power in Nigeria (police, military, paramilitary?)



Think about: Women's rights in Nigeria; masks as motif (and their role in European art? The theory that the Cubist movement was inspired largely by African influence)


Try the History Reference Center database > “Nigeria and gender”


Evolution of Form (about African art) via Christie's


Women’s Education in Nigeria

Some pages in this doc: British Council for Gender Rights, Nigeria 2012

Via Opposing Viewpoints:  

  • “Nigeria Must Fulfill Its Commitment to Protect Women's Rights”

Think about: History/pattern of America as the Promised Land vs. the reality; the emigre returns home; history of saves of immigration

(What did they want? What did they get and not get? How were they received?)

Via Opposing Viewpoints:

  • “The Four American narratives”

  • “America, the Not So Promised Land”

Britannica - “Modern mass migration”

Website (The Atlantic) - “The odds vs realities of the American dream”

Resources for all

The Thing Around Your Neck (review), via Africa Writers Trust

Via Opposing Viewpoints: “Introduction to Africa”

Via Questia School: chapters in the book AFRICA: SOCIAL PROBLEMS OF CHANGE AND CONFLICT


Lit Crit Spinner - What connections do you see in your story?

Historical Context Power  Class
Cultural Context Identity Gender
Social Context Community Race