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HUM: Human Geography: Human Geography


See tabs along the top for various types of sources. Please email me at if you'd like to add links, videos, or anything else to this page.

A word about Bias

All information is subject to interpretation, so it's best to find 2-3 articles on a topic and compare how the information is presented. Here is a chart showing the range of bias in popular media sites.

See bias ratings by clicking the image below. To view the rating of a specific source, choose it from the list at the bottom of the page. 

   Search Tips:

  • Combine Keywords from your course materials with a current event, a country, an issue to create a "search string" 
  • Search for exact phrases by putting quotations marks around them, for example: "mutual reliance"
  • Search for files and scans using " filetype:pdf" in a search
  • Limit results by domain: .gov  .edu  .pe 
  • Limit to terms in the title of a site or article with "intitle:"
  • Weed out irrelevant results by using a minus sign and the word(s) that are mucking up the search
  • Get all versions of a word with truncation (*) For example: Child* 
  • Get variations of a word with wild cards (?) For example: Analy?e

Sample Search String:

  • "amnesty international"    iran   intitle:execution*    site:http://.gov    "cultur* impact"    -oil

Make a game of it. Try BOOLIFY - a puzzle-style google search