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SCI: Grade 9: Science Resources

This guide gives tips on how to complete the research section of science lab reports.

FDR's Science Databases

Passwords HERE

Science in Context via Gale (sync with google to save - not classroom!)

  • Good for issues and current events


Science Reference Center via EBSCO (create an account to save)

  • Good for scientific information & higher-level sources


Encyclopedia Britannica - good for general information

In Science Lab Reports, you have two research needs. 


In the BACKGROUND INFORMATION section, you give context about your topic.

  • What type of science is it?
  • Who are the scientists working on this?
  • What are some projects related to this?
  • What is in the news about this science problem?

To answer these questions, read widely to begin understanding your science topic. Science magazines and general websites work well for this.

In addition, you may want to find out what experiments have already been done. For this, databases and high-level websites might work best.


In the CONCLUSION & EVALUATION section, you extend your thinking about your results by making connections to current science topics.

  • How might your results have an impact on our world?

For this, databases and high-level databases work well. 

High-level Science Websites

Science Magazines & Websites

Search magazines: