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Elementary: Research

Colegio Roosevelt: The American School of Lima, Peru

Elementary School Academic Honestly Policy and DCAs

Digital Citizenship Agreements for kindergarten and grade 1 here.

Digital Citizenship Agreements for grades 2 and 3 here.

Digital Citizenship Agreements for grades 4 and 5 here.

Digital Sources (databases)


All ages



Grades 3-5



All ages



Grade 3-5



All ages



Grades 3-5



All ages


Grades 3-5


If you use images from the internet, please use images that are Creative Commons Zero (Public Domain), Creative Commons by Attribution (this just means you have to cite the source), or Copyright Free! This means they are free and legal to use! 


Make sure to click 'COPYRIGHT FREE!'

The Big 6 Research Model

Students in grades 3-5 practice researching using The Big 6 Research Model.

Digital Sources (search engines)

Time for Kids