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Paperpile: Paperpile

All you need to know about Paperpile, an online research organizer (and so much more!)


Organizing Your Research

When working on projects requiring research it's important to stay organized. Using Paperpile helps you to:

  1. Know where your articles, websites, and information are located so you can find them when you need them
  2. Easily pull information from your sources by highlighting
  3. Have a place to put your paraphrasing
  4. Create accurate citations for your parenthetical citations and bibliographies, in order to give proper credit and be a scholarly researcher.

Paperpile Step-by-Step

Follow these steps to get set up with Paperpile:

  • Go to
  • Navigate to the SIGN IN tab top right
    • The first time you will START FREE TRIAL and login with your amersol google account.
    • After that you can simply SIGN IN with your amersol google account.
  • Organize your work by creating FOLDERS
  • From any Google Doc, click Add-ons 
  • Add Paperpile
Google Drive Sync
  • While logged into Paperpile, click on the Google Drive logo in the top right corner.
  • Click Start Sync Now.
Citation Style
  • Open Settings by clicking on the cog in the top right next to your email address.
  • Click on Citation Styles
  • Choose MLA

Citation Guides

Paperpile on YouTube

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