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Artificial Intelligence: Students

A guide to support the ethical use of AI in teaching and learning.


Reading / Listening


Machine Learning and AI

Bias and AI

Student Questions for AI Use


Talk about these with your teachers.  What is and is not OK with them?

AI Scenarios by jerihurd

ChatGPT for Studying

There are some good tips, here, but I can't believe he tells you to ask ChatGPT to write your essay for you.  DO NOT DO THAT!  As we discussed in the ChatGPT workshop:  OUTSOURCE THE PRODUCTION, NOT THE THINKING.

UNICEF: AI for Children

Students Around the World Discuss AI

Credits and acknowledgment

Credit and deep appreciation to Jeri Hurd (Branksome Hall Asia) for generously sharing her guide; Stephen Taylor's (Western Academy Beijing) extensive work curating AI resources for teaching and learning is also gratefully acknowledged.