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Artificial Intelligence: What is AI?

A guide to support the ethical use of AI in teaching and learning.

What is AI?

ChatGPT is being modest.  While it's still in its relative infancy, recent advances in Artificial Intelligence make it pretty clear that the very nature of learning and education is about to undergo a huge paradigm shift. Amara's Law states that we tend to over-estimate the impact of technology in the short term and under-estimate its impact in the long term. Learning even 10 years from now is going to look very different. Teachers and students need to familiarize themselves with these tools and consider not only how to use them, but how they may impact our future.

Jeri Hurd, Branksome Hall Asia

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How AI Works

Credits and acknowledgment

Credit and deep appreciation to Jeri Hurd (Branksome Hall Asia) for generously sharing her guide; Stephen Taylor's (Western Academy Beijing) extensive work curating AI resources for teaching and learning is also gratefully acknowledged.