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Artificial Intelligence: Teachers

A guide to support the ethical use of AI in teaching and learning.

Reading / Listening



How will Schools Respond?

Navigating AI in Education (Panel Discussion)

Create Engaging Lessons

Chat GPT Conversation with Dr. Torrey Trust

Frankenbot Template for Chat GPT from Ditch That Textbook

(While you're there, check out the other free templates, graphic organizers, and other tools available free from Ditch That Textbook!)

Teaching Time Savers

Academic Integrity

Rethinking "Cheating"

Don't make students guess!  Discuss with them what are and are not acceptable uses of AI tools in your classroom.

Rethinking Cheating: AI Scenarios

AI Scenarios by jerihurd

Prompts for Teachers

Prompt writing is the new literacy.  Here are some models to get you started on ChatGPT, Poe or other AI Language platforms.

AI Prompts by jerihurd

Send me your favorite prompt and I can add it to the slide deck.

Prompt-writing - Roles, Goals and Controls

20 Ways to use ChatGPT

AI Detection Tools

Some AI detection tools to try:

                                                                                                                         From Ditch That Textbook 

Articles on various AI Detection Tools:


Try Education Copilot

Click the image below to see what it does (create a free account to access all the tools)!

Credits and acknowledgment

Credit and deep appreciation to Jeri Hurd (Branksome Hall Asia) for generously sharing her guide; Stephen Taylor's (Western Academy Beijing) extensive work curating AI resources for teaching and learning is also gratefully acknowledged.