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Student Badges Guide

Watch: three videos about ways to access OverDrive on your laptop:

via Library catalog

via Library website home page

via The web

Logging in:

  • OverDrive uses your amersol username (first part of email) and school password

To access OverDrive from their app:

  • In your app store, choose OverDrive 
  • Install the app
  • Create an OverDrive account (make the same as your school email and pw?)
  • Choose our library 
  • Log in with your FDR library account: school username & password
  • Choose "Remember me" so you don't have to log in each time!
  • Note: You can also log in with a US public library account, if you have one



  • Use the "in your browswer" option to read on your computer, use "EPub" on your device
  • Only download a book you are planning to read soon
  • You can return a book early IF it's not downloaded yet



  • Search filters
  • Holding
  • Automatic returns
  • Books and Audiobooks
  • Wish list
  • Search by interest level, subject, collections
  • Recommend titles for purchase
  • Audiobooks 
  • Troubleshooting Help guide

Biblionasium is like Facebook for Books!

It's the place to show what you're reading, tell others what books you like, and get ideas about what to read next. You are part of your teacher's group, but you can connect with anyone at our school who also uses Biblionasium.

Biblionasium is monitored by your teacher and your librarian.

The best way to get into Biblionasium is through our library catalog.

  • Choose "Library Catalog" from the "Quicklinks" on the FDR homepage.
  • Log into the catalog with your school username (beginning of your email) and your school password.

If you don't know how to log into the Library Catalog, you should do the Catalog Cruncher lesson.

  • After logging in: choose Destiny Discover > Biblionasium

In Biblionasium, you can...

  • create your own avatar & profile
  • see other people's bookshelves
  • recommend books to others
  • get recommendations from friends
  • write book reviews
  • track your reading
  • add your own personal notes about your books
  • complete reading challenges

In Biblionasium, you should NOT...

  • make random recommendations to lots of people
  • send a rude message to anyone
  • write incomplete, unhelpful reviews

How to write a good book review:

  • Mention the main conflict
  • Mention another interesting element (the setting? the main character? the genre?)
  • Give your opinion about the story with evidence about why you liked it (or didn't like it)
  • Keep the end a secret - don't ever spoil the book for others!
  • Generally, it's best to review books you LIKED

Find out more from these videos: