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Student Badges Guide

This is the place to learn...

  • How to use the library
  • How to use the library resources
  • How to do research

Use the tabs on the side to view the lessons.

You must be logged into your school google account in order to complete the lessons and get your badges.

How do badges work?

For each lesson:

  • Watch the videos, read and learn the information
  • When you feel ready, take the quiz for that lesson
  • If you have wrong answers, resubmit the quiz until you have a perfect score
  • When you pass the quiz, a digital badge is sent to your email

Track your Digital Badges

Badge Tracking Template (forced copy)

We know which students have earned badges, so sending a badge image to a friend won't do you or your friend any good. You've earned your badge, so keep it for yourself!

  • You get DIGITAL badges as soon as you complete a task
  • You get STICKER badges at the end of the semester

Happy Badging!