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Student Badges Guide

Watch: Accessing the MS/HS Library website

Watch: Googling the library website


  • > Learning > Libraries > MS/HS Library
  • > Quicklinks > Library Catalog > Middle and High school Library website
  • Google "amersol libguides"
  • Once you find it...bookmark it!

Watch below:


  • Research guides by subject area
  • Databases in the "Research" tab
  • Videos and Tips for research skills
  • Ideas for good books to read
  • Access to the library catalog and OverDrive digital books

The Library Catalog is the place to search for the books and other resources we own

Log in: Use your amersol username (first part of your email) and your amersol password

Why log in?

  • See what you have checked out
  • Hold books that are "out", See what you are holding, Delete holds you no longer want
  • Write reviews


Key Points:

  • Only "hold" books that are OUT
  • Delete a hold if you change your mind
  • You get an email when a held book is ready for you; pick it up within a week
  • You can only hold books if you are logged in!


NOTE: This lesson is about accessing digital books in the library catalog with your log-in. See separate lessons on how to use OverDrive for full details. 



  • See which books are Kindles and which are OverDrive 
  • Open OverDrive books directly from the catalog


Here are the sections and their Call Numbers. 

Call Numbers are the codes on the spine of any book that give the "address" to show where that books "lives" in the library.

  • MG - Middle Grade (see Sub-Location to find by genre)
  • F - Fiction (see Sub-Location to find by genre)
  • SP F or SP YA - Spanish fiction or Young Adult fiction
  • GRA - Graphics (comic style)
  • ### - Numbered books are in the Dewey (nonfiction) section
  • PC - Parent Collection
  • TC - Teacher Collection 
  • WEB - a link to a web resource

In the Audio-Visual department with Ms Checa:

  • CD, DVD, KIT, - media found in the digital library section with Ms. Checa
  • Kindle - Kindle book available by borrowing one of our Kindle devices

Magazines, DVDs, CDs, Kindles, newspapers to read in the library

Supplies: Pens, pencils, rulers, glue, stapler, paper cutter, lined paper, white paper, post-it notes....

Chess sets

If there's something you want to check out but it is marked "out" you can HOLD it. Just log into the catalog, go to the item, and click the "Hold" button. More about this in the "Catalog Cruncher" lesson.

When your requested item gets checked IN, your name will pop up and we will send you an email. Once the item comes back, you have ONE WEEK to come pick it up!

Coming soon...

Books, DVDs, CDs, magazines and most other items are checked out for TWO weeks. If you need something for longer, we can extend the time another two weeks. 

To check out a Chromebook: 

  • Tell your parents to watch for a Google permission form
  • Once signed, you can borrow a Chromebook for the school day only
  • Chromebooks may not go home
  • If you take a Chromebook home, you lose the chance to check it out again
  • Chromebooks are loaned out only if you forget your computer or it's being repaired. Chromebooks are not meant to be used over time for many days at a time.

To check out a Kindle:

  • Ask in the AV Department for the Kindle you want (you can see in the catalog which set has the book(s) you want
  • Kindles are loaned for two weeks only
  • If you don't return the Kindle after two weeks, you may lose the chance to borrow them again
  • Due to the expense of a Kindle, you are responsible for the cost if it's damaged or lost (120 USD)


  • These are checked out by your teacher(s) and you can keep them for the whole year
  • If you see a textbook on an overdue notice, please disregard it
  • Textbooks belong to the subject area departments (Science, Math, etc) They do not impact your library record, but they do impact your school record. The school may refuse to release your report card at the end of the year if you don't return all textbooks.

We do not charge for overdue books.

We do charge for LOST books: If you lose or damage a library book, we ask you to pay the replacement value so we can buy it again.

If you FIND a book that you have already paid for, you can get your money back!

** All lost and overdue books need to cleared off your record at least twice per year: in December and June. If your record is not clear at the end of each semester, the school will hold your semester report card.

Be Kind:

  • Treat everyone in the library kindly and use good manners.

Be Respectful:

  • Treat the space and all materials properly: take care of your books and keep the shelves and other areas neat.
  • Be aware of your impact on others: Watch your volume so you don't disturb others - Use headphones for video/sound, keep your voice low.
  • Be aware that the library is a shared space: Parents, faculty, and young children may be using our library at any time. Behave as if you were at your grandmother's house.

Be Responsible:

  • Return materials when you are not using them, communicate with us if you have lost or damaged anything.
  • If you eat or drink in the library, you must clean up any spills or wrappers yourself.
  • Speak English with all library staff.
  • Monday 7:30 - 5:30
  • Tuesday 7:30 - 5:30
  • Wednesday 7:30 - 3:45
  • Thursday 7:30 - 5:30
  • Friday 7:30 - 4:30
  • Saturday 10:00 - 1:00 (except before any holiday)

Anyone can print in B&W from the library's desktop computers.

To print from a laptop: send an attachment or share the document with one of our library staff. If you are printing from your classroom, it might be good to send/share to both assistants to be sure someone is there to print it for you.

Printing limits: Please print a few pages at a time - only what you really need for school. We don't have the ink to handle large color files or multiple copies.