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Middle & High School Library: Your Life Online

Colegio Roosevelt: The American School of Lima, Peru

"Digital Citizenship Poster for Middle and High School." Common Sense Media. N.p., 2012. Web. 11 May 2016.

How to make your Facebook account completely private (Recommended Settings) Not very entertaining, but excellent step-by-step instructions.


Make an Avatar

Create an avatar, a cartoony version of yourself, for profile pictures. Set a time limit for yourself...these are addictive! Some have a "randomizer" option which is a fun way to see what's possible in each program.

The Great Gatsby

Dopple Me (registration required)

Pick-a-Face (as guest or register)

Face Your Manga (registration required)

Build Your Wild Self

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Your Life Online

Tech Productivity Tools: Add your ideas for "Harnessing" the Web

Your Digital Profile (Clean it Up!)