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Using Wikipedia or Google is a good thing!

Your first instinct for quick information is to do an online search using Google or Wikipedia. That is a perfect way to get started! The only way to begin your research is to start seeking out information and freely available resources, like Google and Wikipedia is the easiest way to begin.


The Benefits of Wikipedia:

We all use Wikipedia, even professors and librarians. It's the largest online general reference resource and covers an impressive breadth of general information. 

Since Wikipedia was founded in 2001, it has greatly improved its standards for creating and editing pages. There are now content policies and guidelines in place.

Everyone must have a registered account to create and edit pages and follow Wikipedia's extensive content policies.

Volunteer editors and administrators are quick to remove or take down any misleading or incorrect content.

Wikipedia pages also contain solid references and footnotes citing where the content creator got their information, which makes it easy for people to find potential sources for a research topic.

Watch the videos below to learn more about Wikipedia and how to use it effectively. 

Credit: University of Iowa Libraries

OSLIS - Using Wikipedia for Research

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Website Resources

Visit the High School tabs on the homepage for more ideas on where to search.

Google Like a Pro

Finding and Citing Images

Check this site from Melbourne University for directions on how to search Google for Creative Commons Images and how to attribute them in your work.

Click here for more options for finding images and sounds that you are permitted to use.

General Reference

News and Magazine Resources