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Middle & High School Library: Psych, Econ, TOK

Colegio Roosevelt: The American School of Lima, Peru

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If there is something you'd like to see on the High School Business, Psych, and TOK page, please let me know HERE.


Mrs. López


Digital Magazines for Econ, Psych, TOK

​Password same as EBSCO, or see HERE

TOK links

Daily Nous: A Philosophy website

Ethics Matters: A TV show, 12 episodes

Econ / Business Resources

Statista (no password needed in school)

Business in Peru

Business Management (password HERE)

The Economist (password HERE)

Bloomberg: Business Week magazine

Statistic Brain: Marketing (and other categories)

Social Science Statistics: A tool for managing stats

Data USA: Statistics for loads of topics

Psychology Resources

IB Psych Blog (see sidebar with various studies/terms)

Psychology & Behavioral Sciences (via EBSCO)

  • Available on-campus; off-campus see password HERE

Psychology Today magazine