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Citation Guide

Citation Tips for MLA and APA citation for high school and IB students

Tools for creating full citations

Citation Maker, via the Oregon School Library Information System
OSLIS Citation Makers


Use the Citation Format Guide to verify your citations.

Purdue University's Online Writing Lab (OWL) - great for answering questions about how to cite sources and format your final list of resources

Citation Tutorial (MLA using OSLIS)



It's a long-ish tutorial, so here's the breakdown:

  • Citing a Journal Article from a database: 1:00
  • Citing a personal Interview: 4:47
  • Citing a web site: 6:15
  • Exporting bibliography: 9:30

Tools and Templates

Documentation Checklist: Use this to check your paper for proper in-text citations

IB article "Effective Citing and Referencing"

How to Cite YouTube Videos (from the MLA)

Citing Artificial Intelligence

Go to this page for guidance on citing AI tools in MLA9 and APA.

Further help and guidance here:

Ask the MLA - guidance on citing generative AI in MLA 9

APA Style Help - How to cite ChatGPT in APA Style

Artificial Intelligence and the Research Paper: A Librarian's Perspective -- This article points out (with examples) some of the most serious flaws in ChatGPT responses